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Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Old Wooden Log


Once a true story was told to us
Of a wooden log that lay in the dust -
All weather beaten, and ugly and scarred
Pounded and pitted and even charred.
It lay in front of a blacksmith shop
Many passed by it, but none did stop -
For all they could see was the outer crust
Of an old wooden log that lay in the dust.
How long it had lain there, now no one could say
But all had agreed it was just in the way.
Now one day a carpenter chanced to pass by
He gave it a keen professional eye -
“Say Mr. Blacksmith, could I take this log?”
“Take it and welcome, be glad when it's gone....”
So off went the rescuer, all burdened down
With a dusty old log that had lain on the ground -
All pitted and scarred, and soiled at the start
Yet the carpenter smiled as he tested the heart.
His saw with its edge as sharp as could be
Found that his log was mahogany -
Oh, he was so proud of his prize from the dust
He made six lovely chairs and showed them to us.
Chairs that would fit into any fine home,
Give rest to the weary, a treasure to own.
Now didn't our Father find us much the same?
All battered and burdened and scarred from the flame?
Of this worlds disillusions, and lost in pain
Just a dusty old body that needed the sword.
To cut away all that had darkened our lives
To shape and to carve out a form from the strife -
Just to show others what God's love can do
When nobody cares, not even you......
When death looked far better than life ever could
God took us and carved us, our mahogany wood -
That His power and discernment as others passed by
Would show His kind mercy, and heavenly eye.
How can we thank Thee, dear Father up there?
Words fail us to give Thee true worship in prayer -
Forgive when we falter and long for release
For we love Thee forever and just long to please.